Are You Team Jacob or Team Edward

Is anyone else sick of hearing about Twilight over and over again? I mean the books were good and so are the movies…so far, but why the obsession? It seems like ever since Twilight vampires have taken over. There are online games with vampires and multiple television shows with them. And to think I thought Harry Potter was bad, but it never got to be as bad as Twilight, and Twilight has just begun. Not only are girls completely obsessed with Twilight itself, they have started having wars over the tow male leads in the movies. There are debates over whether Bella should choose the vampire Edward, or the warewolf Jacob.

After the movie was released girls became so obsessed with the guy who played Edward, Robert Pattinson. Now he is everywhere. Literally. Below are some pictures of everything Robert’s face has been put on.

Fandom isn’t necessarily a bad thing until you take it to the next level, and Twilight has definitely reached that level. I admit that I like Twilight, but I would never consider myself obsessed, and as the obsession grew, Twilight became less cool.


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